IHG AWARDS for 2003

The INTERNATIONAL HORROR GUILD AWARDS recognizing outstanding achievement in the field of Horror and Dark Fantasy for the year 2003 were presented at the World Horror Convention on Saturday, April 10, 2004 in Phoenix, AZ.

Recipients of the IHG Awards:

NOVEL: lostboy lostgirl by Peter Straub (Random House)

Also nominated:

  • The Good House by Tananarive Due (Atria)
  • The Dark Tower V: Wolves of the Calla by Stephen King (Donald M. Grant; Scribner)
  • The Night Country by Stewart O'Nan (Farrar Straus & Giroux) (Atria)
  • Crawlers by John Shirley (Del Rey)(Tor)
  • The Book of Days by Steve Rasnic Tem (Subterranean Press) (Scribner)

FIRST NOVEL: Jinn by Matthew B.J. Delaney (St. Martin's)

Also nominated:

  • The Etched City by K.J. Bishop (Prime Books)
  • Tropic of Night by Michael Gruber (William Morrow)
  • The Dante Club by Matthew Pearl (Random House)
  • Echo & Narcissus by Mark Siegel (Aardwolf Press)
  • Veniss Underground by Jeff VanderMeer (Prime Books)

LONG FICTION: Louisiana Breakdown by Lucius Shepard (Golden Gryphon)

Also nominated:

  • The Time That Time Forgot by Jack Cady (Ghosts of Yesterday)
  • Rape: A Love Story by Joyce Carol Oates (Carroll & Graf)
  • Rock Breaks Scissors Cut by David Schow (Subterranean Press)
  • Floater by Lucius Shepard (PS Publishing)

MID-LENGTH FICTION: "Dancing Men" by Glen Hirshberg (The Dark)

Also nominated:

  • The Census Taker by Dale Bailey (The Resurrection Man's Legacy and Other Stories)
  • Vandoise and the Bone Monster by Alex Irvine (The Magazine of Fantasy & Science Fiction, January 2003)
  • The Last Horror Show by David Prill (Dating Secrets of the Dead)
  • La Sentinelle by Lucy Sussex (Southern Blood)

SHORT FICTION: "With Acknowledgments to Sun Tzu" by Brian Hodge (The Third Alternative #33)

Also nominated:

  • Old Virginia by Laird Barron (The Magazine of Fantasy & Science Fiction, February 2003)
  • The Trentino Kid by Jeffery Ford (The Dark)
  • Cell Call by Marc Laidlaw (By Moonlight Only)
  • The Bereavement Photographer by Steve Rasnic Tem (13 Horrors)
  • The Goddess of Cruelty by Thomas Tessier (Cemetery Dance #46)
  • The Mezzotint by Lisa Tuttle (Gathering the Bones)

The Two Sams: Ghost Stories by Glen Hirshberg (Carroll & Graf)
More Tomorrows & Other Stories by Michael Marshall Smith (Earthling Publications)

Also nominated:

  • Told by The Dead by Ramsey Campbell (PS Publishing)
  • Bibliomancy by Elizabeth Hand (PS Publishing)
  • GRRM: A RRetrospective by George R.R. Martin (Subterranean Press)
  • The Dreams of Cardinal Vittorini by Reggie Oliver (Haunted River)

ANTHOLOGY: The Dark: New Ghost Stories, edited by Ellen Datlow (Tor)

Also nominated:

  • Gathering the Bones, edited by Ramsey Campbell, Jack Dann and Dennis Etchison (HarperCollins-Voyager; Tor)
  • Southern Blood: New Australian Tales of the Supernatural, edited by Bill Congreve (Sandglass Enterprises)
  • By Moonlight Only, edited by Stephen Jones (PS Publishing)
  • Borderlands 5, edited by Elizabeth and Thomas Monteleone (Borderlands)
  • The Thackery T Lambshead Pocket Guide to Eccentric & Discredited Diseases, edited by Jeff VanderMeer and Mark Roberts (Night Shade Books)

NONFICTION: The Devil in the White City: Murder, Magic, and Madness at the Fair That Changed America by Erik Larson (Crown)

Also nominated:

  • H.P. Lovecraft: Selected Letters to Alfred Galpin, edited by S.T. Joshi and David E. Schultz (Hippocampus Press)
  • Hollywood's Stephen King by Tony Magistrale (Palgrave Macmillan)
  • Heroes & Monsters: The Unofficial Companion to the League of Extraordinary Gentlemen by Jess Nevins (Monkeybrain)
  • The Selected Letters of Clark Ashton Smith, edited by David E. Schultz and Scott Connors (Arkham House)

ILLUSTRATED NARRATIVE: The Goon, Issues 1-4, words and art by Eric Powell (Dark Horse)

Also nominated:

  • Endless Nights: The Sandman, Book 11, words by Neil Gaiman; art by Glenn Fabry, Milo Manara, Miguelanxo Prado, Frank Quitely, P. Craig Russell, Bill Sienkiewicz, Barron Storey (DC/Vertigo)
  • The Wolves in the Walls, words by Neil Gaiman; art by Dave McKean
  • The League of Extraordinary Gentlemen, Volume II, words by Alan Moore; art by Kevin O'Neil (DC)
  • Dark Days (Six Issue Mini-Series), words by Steve Niles; art by Ben Templesmith (IDW)

PERIODICAL: All Hallows: The Journal of the Ghost Story Society (The Ghost Story Society)

Also nominated:

  • Cemetery Dance (Cemetery Dance Publications)
  • The Magazine of Fantasy & Science Fiction (Spilogale, Inc.)
  • The Third Alternative (TTA Press)
  • Video Watchdog (Video Watchdog)

ART: Caniglia

Also nominated:

  • Dave McKean
  • "Edward Miller" (AKA Les Edwards)
  • Todd Schorr
  • Bernie Wrightson

FILM: Spider, directed by David Cronenberg, screenplay by Patrick McGrath, based on his novel

Also nominated:

  • Bubba Ho-Tep, directed by Don Coscarelli, screenplay by Don Coscarelli, based on a story by Joe R. Lansdale
  • Identity, directed by James Mangold, screenplay by Michael Cooney
  • Monster, directed by Patty Jenkins, screenplay by Patty Jenkins
  • Mystic River, directed by Clint Eastwood, screenplay by Brian Helgeland, based on a novel by Dennis Lehane

TELEVISION: Carnivale, created by Daniel Knauf (Home Box Office)

Also nominated:

  • Angel created by David Greenwalt and Joss Whedon (series, WB)
  • Dead Like Me, created by Bryan Fuller (Showtime Network)
  • Six Feet Under, created by Alan Bell (Home Box Office)
  • The Dead Zone, created By Michael Piller and Shawn Piller (SciFi Channel)

Honored as Living Legends were Stephen King and Everett F. Bleiler. Jack Cady was recognized with a posthumous Special Award.

IHG Living Legends are individuals who have made meritorious and notable contributions and/or have substantially influenced the field of horror/dark fantasy. Previous recipients are Charles L. Grant, William F. Nolan, Alice Cooper, Ray Bradbury, Clive Barker, Hugh B. Cave, Edward W. Bryant, Richard Matheson, and Harlan Ellison.

Stephen King is one of the world's most famous and successful writers. He writes horror and dark fantasy. Extensive biographic and bibliography information can be found at his official Web site: http://www.stephenking.com His speech National Book Foundation Award acceptance speech can be found here.

Everett F. Bleiler laid much of the original foundation of the modern analysis and criticism of fantastic literature with his 1948 publication of The Checklist of Fantastic Literature: A Bibliography of Fantasy, Weird and Science Fiction Books Published in The English Language. He furthered his research with The Guide to the Supernatural (1983). As editor of the two-volume Supernatural Fiction Writers:Fantasy and Horror (1985), Bleiler added further insight into the field. At Dover Publications, from 1955 to his retirement in 1977, he compiled many books, but his particular contribution may be the rediscovery and republication of significant Victorian works of the supernatural. His introductions to many collections and anthologies of horror and dark fantasy are epitomes of scholarship and an abiding love for such work. Bleiler's expertise in and criticism of horror literature has substantially influenced our definition of what horror is. He was recognized in 1984 for his service to science fiction with the Pilgrim Award and similarly acclaimed in the field of fantasy as a whole by the World Fantasy Convention in 1978 (Professional) and again in 1988 with a Life Achievement Award. The International Horror Guild is grateful for this opportunity to specifically honor Everett F. Bleiler for his many contributions to horror field - recognition that is long overdue. A partial bibliography can be found at http:// isfdb.tamu.edu/cgi-bin/ae.cgi?Everett_F._Bleiler

Jack Cady served with the Coast Guard in Maine, then earned a bachelor's degree from the University of Louisville in Kentucky. Cady spent much of his life in a variety of jobs including those of truck driver, auctioneer, college professor, and landscaper. In 1965, he won the "Atlantic Monthly's" Atlantic First Award for his short story, "The Burning," which has now been republished more than 50 times. Cady claimed that award was a fluke, but his fiction continued to receive accolades. His novella, "The Night We Buried Road Dog," won both the Nebula and Bram Stoker awards, and was nominated for a World Fantasy Award and a Hugo. He received the World Fantasy Award in 1993 for his collection, The Sons of Noah and Other Stories (Broken Moon Press). Cady's nine published novels include The Off Season (St. Martin's, 1996) and The hauntings of Hood Canal (St. Martin's, 2001) His nonfiction book, Th American Writer: Shaping a Nation's Mind (St. Martin's) was published in 1999. His most recent collection is Ghosts of Yesterday (Night Shade, 2003). A condensed bibliography for Jack Cady can be found at the Night Shade Books site as well as a personal remembrance from Jeremy Lassen. Obituaries are posted here and here

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